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Austin Powers: : Int Man of Mystery
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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Cynthia Lamontagne.

 After 30 years in a deep freeze, British secret agent Austin Powers is defrosted to help save the world. Part world-class photographer, part international playboy, and completely randy 24 hours a day, Austin Powers lives in a '60s time-warp, not noticing that the age of "free love" has turned into the age of AIDS and "political correctness."

Words like "shag" (as in "I bet she shags like a minx") and "groovy" roll off his tongue. But when Dr. Evil threatens to destroy the world, Austin Powers ("Danger is my middle name") comes to the rescue.

From the same whacked out imagination responsible for Wayne's World, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery is a frequently hilarious comedy that revels in outrageous color schemes in true '60s fashion. The movie is all Mike Myers. He plays Austin Powers as well as Austin's arch nemesis, Dr. Evil, a double role in the tradition of comic greats Peter Sellers and Alec Guinness. In addition, Myers wrote and produced the movie. This means Austin Powers is an unrelenting silly movie that revels in its own goofiness.


Austin Powers Mike Myers
Vanessa Kensington Elizabeth Hurley
Dr. Evil Mike Myers
Basil Exposition Michael York
Mrs. Kensington Mimi Rogers
Number Two Robert Wagner
Scott Evil Seth Green
Alotta Fagina Fabiana Udenio
Frau Farbissina Mindy Sterling
Payy O'Brien Paul Dillon
Commander Gilmour Charles Napier
Mustafa Will Ferrell
Group Therapist Carrie Fisher
Las Vegas Cowboy Tom Arnold
Fembots Cheryl Bartel
 Cindy Margolis
 Donna W. Scott
 Barbara Ann Moore
 Cynthia Lamontagne  (Fembot)

Directed by Jay Roach
Produced by Suzanne Todd
Jennifer Todd
Demi Moore
Mike Myers
Screenplay by Mike Myers
Director of Photography Peter Deming
Production Designer Cynthia Charette
Costume Designer Deena Appel
Editor Debra Neil-Fisher
Music by George S. Clinton
Executive Producers Eric McLeod
Claire Rudnick Polstein


Professional Reviews

Chicago Sun-Times (05/02/1997, p.33; Roger Ebert): "...A funny movie that only gets funnier the more familiar you are with the James Bond movies....What is best is the puppy-dog earnestness and enthusiasm that Myers brings to his role..."
Entertainment Weekly (05/09/1997, p.56-7; Owen Gleiberman): "...Engagingly daft....You can giggle at the sheer joy Mike Myers takes in making himself as grotesque as possible....No one does it better than Myers..."

New York Times (05/02/1997, p.C7; Janet Maslin): "...Mr. Myers turns his own fondness for Austin into an easily acquired taste....AUSTIN POWERS mixes movie parody with culture shock..."

Sight and Sound (09/01/1997, p.37-8; Ben Thompson): "...A welcome return to form for [Myers]..."

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