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Cynthia Lamontagne

September 25, 2001: It's a Wonderful Life: A spoof of It's a Wonderful Life opens the fourth season. Eric, morose over his breakup with Donna, states, "I wish we'd never kissed." The words are barely out of his mouth when an angel (Wayne Knight) appears and shows him how things would have turned out if Hyde got the kiss instead, had his own romance with Donna and had never moved in with the Formans. The angel then takes Eric into the '80s, where Kelso is a small-time but well-coiffed TV-news anchor; Jackie is a globe-trotting flight attendant; and Eric is still with his high-school prom date (Cynthia Lamontagne), an untamable shrew.

It's A Wonderful Life
Sound Byte:
WAV 149k | RA 14k
  “It's A Wonderful Life”
September 25, 2001

When Eric wishes that he and Donna had never gotten together, an angel appears and shows Eric what life would be like if the relationship hadn't happened.

Guest Appearances:
Angel: Wayne Knight
Pam Macy: Jennifer Lyons
Rhonda: Cynthia Lamontagne
Jake: Timmy Deters
Nerd: Trent Gill
Cop: Tommy Hinkley


“Hyde Gets a Girl” October 9, 2001

Hyde's upset when he discovers that the gang has thrown a party for the sole purpose of finding him a girlfriend

Guest Appearances:
Daniel: French Stewart
Melissa: Reagan Gomez-Preston
Big Rhonda: Cynthia Lamontagne
Katie: Courtney Peldon
Girls in Montage:
China Chow
Carnie Wilson
Lynsey Bartilson
Colleen Haskell
Mindy Spence
Sally Brooks

Hyde Gets A Girl
Sound Byte:

November 27, 2001: Red and Stacey: Topher Grace is reunited with his Traffic costar Erika Christensen, who plays Stacey, a Pricemart checkout girl Red thinks is perfect for his lovelorn son. The girl impresses Red when she justifies her dubious customer relations with a phrase dear to his heart. Red encourages Eric to ask her out and he even offers to assist. But when Red talks to Stacey, she says she's interested in someone else and smilingly puts her hand on his leg, a move that the older Forman finds tough to explain back home. Meanwhile, Jackie and Donna give Big Rhonda (Cynthia Lamontagne) a makeover for her first date with Fez.

“Red and Stacey” – November 27, 2001

When Red tries to get a date for Eric with the new Pricemart cashier, he’s embarrassed to learn that she has a crush on him. Fez asks Big Rhonda out on a date, and Donna and Jackie volunteer to give her a make-over.

Guest Appearances:
Rhonda: Cynthia LaMontagne
Stacey: Erika Christensen
Irate Customer: William Mesnik

Red and Stacey
Sound Byte:
WAV 372k | Real Audio 235k

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Third Wheel
Sound Byte:
WAV 167k | RA 12k
  “Third Wheel” – December 11, 2001

When Hyde picks up a girl during a guys-only bowling night, Eric gets upset. Donna likes Bob’s new girlfriend but wishes she didn’t have to hear about their sex life. And everyone at church thinks Red’s responsible when Pastor Dave announces his resignation.

Guest Appearances:
Pastor Dave: Kevin McDonald
Joanne: Mo Gaffney
Big Rhonda: Cynthia Lamontagne
Jill: Anne Stedman

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Tornado Prom
Sound Byte:
WAV 171k | RA 120k
  “Tornado Prom ”
– February 5, 2002

A tornado is headed toward Point Place just as the Snow Prom gets underway. It's a strange night indeed as Eric and Donna party with Aerosmith, Jackie gets blown away to Oz and Fez thinks he may finally lose his virginity.

Guest Appearances:
Joanne: Mo Gaffney
Rhonda: Cynthia Lamontagne
Vice Principal Cole: Timothy Bottoms
Coach Ferguson: Michael Milhoan
The Wizard: Pamela Sue Martin


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“Donna Dates A Kelso”
February 5, 2002

When Eric is named Point Place High’s most eligible guy, Jackie tries to help out Donna by fixing her up with Michael’s brother Casey. And Red gets the last laugh when Bob tries to buy the Corvette convertible that Red’s had his eye on.

Guest Appearances:
Rhonda: Cynthia Lamontagne
Casey Kelso:
Emily: Marlene Brehm
Donna Dates A Kelso
Sound Byte:
WAV 139k | RA 19k



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